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Currently on Tap

- In order of IBUs -

Rök Hard Seltzer - Returning Soon!
5.0% ABV; 0 IBU

Our crisp, dry, champagne-esque beer-alternative is gluten-free and as crushable as they come!

The Nordic Flamingo Cherry Gose

4.0% ABV; 5 IBU

The lightest beer in our lineup, our Gose is modeled after the obscure style originating in 16th century Goslar, Germany. It is dry, crisp, with hints of addictingly tasty salty & tart cherry notes that will leave you begging for more!

Craken Blond Cream Ale

4.9% ABV; 11 IBU

This medal-winning sea monster of a cream ale is brewed w/ a touch of flaked corn, and just a smidgen of all-American hops, making this clean delicately balanced brew malt-forward, grainy, a little sweet, and above all else, crisp and refreshing! The perfect patriotic backyard BBQ Beer. 'MEEERICAAA!!!

Berserker Brown Ale
5.5% ABV; 25 IBU

Utilizing 7 different roasts of malt, this hybrid nut brown ale is roasty, caramelly, nutty, with hints on chocolate, coffee, biscuit, and raisin… a rich flavor bomb that will not disappoint!

Double Nut Brown Ale

8.2% ABV; 28 IBU

This complex multi-seasonal brew is a dark ale fanatic's dream come true! Rich malty tones of caramel, raisin, chocolate, coffee, biscuit, and roasty wonderment will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside... great on a chilly Winter's eve or a warm Summer's afternoon alike!

Eric the Red Ale
6.5% ABV; 35 IBU

This cross between an Irish and American Red takes the best from each style... deep maltiness with hints of caramel and biscuit meld delightfully with an earthy hop profile that goes down oh so smooth, preparing ye for battle against the highest of seas, just like our brave ancestor Eric!

2-Headed Monster Hazy IPA

6.8% ABV; 50 IBU

Brewed w/ a monstrous amount of Strata, El Dorado, and Amarillo, this New England-style hazy IPA was brewed exclusively for the comedy duo Cory 'n Chad "The Smash Bothers"! Get it on tap in the tasting room, and look out for it soon at SoCal comedy clubs!

Monster Slayer Cold IPA
6.9% ABV; 62 IBU

This new style of IPA has been cold conditioned for an extended amount of time in order to bring forth its clear and crushable nature. Brewed and double dry-hopped with Cashmere, Strata, El Dorado, and Cascade, dank notes of tropical and stone fruits dominate the palate followed by an easy clean finish!

1000 Days Barley Wine
9.9% ABV; 72 IBU

This epic amber-hued barley wine has been aged for over 3 years, hence its 1000 days namesake. It is rich, complex,  with a slight bitter to beautifully compliment its smooth of raisin and caramel malt tones. Sip it slow!

Hammer of Thor IPA
7.2% ABV; 77 IBU

Our flagship IPA is more balanced than most... a unique melding of old-school West and East Coast styles. Starting off with a punch of bitterness and an intense floral-grapefruit aroma and flavor, this bold caramel-colored elixir develops into a delightfully malty finish that will turn even the most anti-IPA drinker into a hophead!

Midnight Sun
9.0% ABV; 80 IBU

This complex beast of an Imperial Black Ale will Rök your senses with dark fruity notes of raisin, caramel, and a subtle roastiness that pairs seamlessly with its woodsy hop profile… are ye worthy of it's deliciousness?

Mjolnir Quad IPA

13.0% ABV; 180 IBU

Our 8-year Anniversary release, this QIPA is brewed with 8 additions of 8 different hops...  Chinook, Southern Cross, Green Bullet, Waimea, El Dorado, Citra. Strata, and Cascade. Bring on the gnar! Also available in limited edition 750ml bottles.









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