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Lars Bennett

Owner / Brewmeister

Brandy Bennett

Owner / Shieldmaiden

Röking the World... One Beer at a Time!


Owned and operated by Viking Brewmeister Lars Bennett & Shieldmaiden Brandy Bennett, the Rök House produces Ruggedly Handcrafted Ales to bring out the Viking in us all! Specializing in well-balanced American and European styles, including our Hammer of Thor IPA, Berserker Brown, She Wolf Saison, and Midnight Sun Imperial Black, we are pleased to be serving you, our loyal Rökmeisters, only the finest of crafts.


-- So what's up with the Viking?


Vikings had a great love for drinking and crafting fine ales, and that same blood runs strong in our veins, making this theme the obvious choice for our brewery. Their obsession with brew ran so deep that it was commonplace for the gnarliest of Viking warriors to even take beer-breaks mid battle. They were known as “berserkers” because upon consuming copious amounts of ale during these breaks, they would often times tear off their shirts / armor, and return to battle to go “berserk” (Old Norse for “bare-shirt”) on their foes… hence our shirtless beer-drinking Viking mascot!


“Rök House” refers to the stone structures that Vikings brewed ale in. Being masters of their craft, these ancient brew houses were constructed out of stone (or "rök") for purposes of keeping the heat in, ultimately creating a more consistent mash temperature and boil during the brew process... a standard of efficiency seldom seen in the beer world during their time and age.


Join us as we take a stand against flavorless watered down beverages that some like to call beer. Together, we can live up to our ancestors' brewing standards and BAN BLAND BEER!™



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